Patent Procurement, Protection and Portfolio Management


  • Perform prior art searching to assess the patentability of an invention;
  • Counsel clients on patent portfolio strategies in the United States and overseas to develop strategic patent filing plans;
  • Prepare, file, and prosecute provisional and non-provisional utility patent applications;
  • Prepare, file, and prosecute design patent applications;
  • File for patent protection in foreign countries through our network of foreign associates;
  • Prosecute patent applications through allowance and provide post-grant support;
  • Provide Infringement and Validity assessments and opinions;
  • Provide portfolio evaluation and management; and
  • Prosecute and defend patent litigation in all Federal District Courts.


Trademark Procurement, Protection and Portfolio Management


  • Counsel clients on trademark branding strategies to best leverage their marks and protect against infringement;
  • Perform trademark searches to assess the availability of trademark protection;
  • Prepare and prosecute federal and state trademarks;
  • Prepare and prosecute international trademark applications through our network of foreign associates;
  • Prosecute and defend opposition and cancellation proceedings before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB);
  • Prosecute and defend trademark litigation in Federal District Courts and State Courts;
  • Counsel clients on trademark portfolio strategies to develop and implement trademark and brand protection plans; and
  • Provide post-grant  trademark support and renewals.

Copyright Protection & Other Services


  • Counsel clients on strategies to minimize risks associated with the creation and use of copyrighted materials;
  • Prepare Work Made For Hire Agreements and copyright assignments;
  • Prepare and prosecute copyright applications across a variety of areas such as software, literary works and jewelry;
  • Initiate and respond to DMCA takedown notices;
  • Prosecute and defend copyright litigation in Federal District Courts;
  • Draft and review of consulting, non-disclosure and development agreements;
  • Preparation and review software agreements including SaaS, PasS, EULA, open source licenses, and Beta test agreements;
  • Counsel clients on strategies for positioning intellectual property assets for sale or license;
  • Procurement of intellectual property of others; and
  • Negotiation and drafting of intellectual property transfer agreements.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation


  • Assess each case and provide expert evaluation of the legal process and potential outcomes;
  • Develop litigation strategies individualized for each client, taking into account each client’s business goals and budgets;
  • Prosecute and defend patent, trademark and copyright infringement actions in Federal District Courts and State Courts;
  • Negotiate settlement agreements and license agreements to protect a client’s business interest;
  • Represent clients in arbitration and mediation;
  • Represent clients in ICANN domain name disputes;
  • Prosecute and defend opposition and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB;
  • Represent clients in proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board proceedings; and
  • Represent clients in general commercial disputes.