Robin Wilkes

In a very real sense, Robin is the hub of McInnes & McLane, the Jill of all trades, the uncommonly talented denominator who is intimately familiar with all clients. For this reason, Robin is very often the person clients contact directly to find out the status of this or that.

On a typical day Robin handles a Himalayan mountain of information. Under the authority of a normal mortal, Robin’s workstation might become a dead end, but with Robin in charge it becomes a living library. There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, and Robin knows exactly where that is at any given time. Her ability to orchestrate firm business, to deal with multiple deadlines simultaneously, to respond to the needs of different personalities inside and outside the firm — all of this makes her an outstanding asset. Of course it helps that she has a fantastic memory and that her technical skills are superb.

Partner John McInnes describes Robin as the firm’s glue. No wonder clients and colleagues alike stick with her to get things done.

Intellectual property paralegal with over 15 years experience.

  • Notary public
  • Certified patent paralegal

Robin Wilkes

9 Exchange Street
Worcester, MA 01608
774.420.2360 ext 106
866.610.0507 fax

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