Attorneys want the work done now and want the work done right, but they don’t have time to oversee the everyday functions of the office. That’s where Marty comes in, acting as a consummate example of order and organization. Marty hails from the non-profit world, and holds the keys to the kingdom regarding office management, human resources, and administrative responsibilities at the firm. She acts as the natural mentor of our team, making sure that we work together in harmony to get our work done efficiently and effectively for our clients.

In addition to her detailed-oriented approach and communicative nature, Marty cultivates in others the mindset that there is no job too small or task too routine. Marty’s winning attitude can be attributed to her inherent sincerity for achieving all our firm goals successfully and in a timely fashion, along with her legislative experience in the nonprofit sector. Her broad abilities make her a valued asset, from marketing project support to making sure our attorneys’ out-of-town schedules are known by all. She is on top of every detail. While some office managers may avoid or delegate such tasks, Marty finds pleasure in the day-to-day, tackling each assignment with both structure and enthusiasm.

Martha Campolito
Office Manager

9 Exchange Street
Worcester, MA 01608
866.610.0507 fax

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