Jodi McLane

If the Energizer Bunny had a human counterpart, it would be Caitlin.  She is constantly on the move, whether it be coordinating email marketing communications for our clients, arranging networking opportunities for our attorneys, or overseeing our firm’s social media presence. Her upbeat, industrious work style and strong creative instincts complement our team’s collaborative dynamic. While Caitlin truly believes in the power of an effective marketing message, she understands that the messages that speak the loudest are the ones that resonate with our clients’ business goals.

Caitlin thrives on busy schedules and detailed to-do lists, always choosing the hurried over the mundane. And like the Energizer Bunny, her positive attitude can’t help but put a smile on your face.  We aren’t sure how her batteries stay charged, but we do know that her energizing attitude makes us all want to join her band-wagon.

Caitlin Deigel
Marketing Manager

128 Dorrance St. Suite 220
Providence, RI 02903
401.223.5853 ext 1005
866.610.0507 fax

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